Green Barn

Our community’s iconic Green Barn is a historic venue that is a favorite gathering place and home to a diverse array of special events, including a monthly resident happy hour, live music, lectures, and more. The Green Barn is also available for special private events like birthday parties, receptions, holiday parties, and more.

Are you interested in reserving the barn for a special event? Review the Green Barn Rental Agreement for details about policies and fees.

To book the Barn, fill out the rental agreement, and bring in the rental fee and deposit check into the POA office. For further questions, please email the Lifestyle Director, Haiven Whitley at

ctor, Haiven Whitley at

Swimming Pool

The 25-meter pool, located adjacent to the Green Barn, features a beach entry, lap lanes, and a splash-and-play area for kids. It is open to Carnes Crossroads residents and their guests and is also the fitness classes site and select community events.

Pool Rules, Procedures & Regulations (Updated March 2022):

Pool Hours:
The pool is open from 7 am – 10 pm, seven days a week. Gate attendants will be monitoring the pool Starting April 2nd, on the weekends only through Memorial Day. Pool attendants will then be monitoring seven days a week through Labor Day from 1 pm – 8 pm.

Gate Attendants:
Gate attendant duties will be to greet residents and guests and keep a watchful eye on the pool. They will also, c
lean restrooms once per day, clean the pool including the tile as needed (this is in addition to the regular pool service tech that comes daily),  empty trash, and straighten pool furniture.

 They cannot and will not perform lifesaving rescues, and they are not meant to be babysitters. Parents are responsible for looking after their own children. Gate attendants have the authority to let residents know when they are breaking the DHEC (South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control) and POA Pool Rules (listed below). Residents are encouraged to notify the gate attendant on duty if they see any infractions to notify POA staff if an immediate response is needed.

Emergency Phone:
There is an emergency phone at the pool for residents to use if a safety emergency occurs. This phone is located on the post at the pool gate, common to the Green Barn. If an emergency arises and you need EMS or Police, please pick up this phone and press the button. You will be automatically connected to emergency personnel. The address for the pool is located above the phone for easy access.

General Safety Protocol:
The Carnes Crossroads, Property Owners Association, takes our amenities’ security and safety very seriously and encourages residents to let us know if they see dangerous behavior at any of the community’s amenities. Please note that if pool rules are not followed consistently, pool access may be suspended. Residents are encouraged to notify the POA office by calling (843) 970-3417 if they have questions or concerns regarding the pool or the pool attendants.

DHEC & POA Pool Rules:

  • There should be no solo swimming
  • There should be no running, boisterous or rough play
  • No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool
  • There should be no spitting or blowing nose in the pool
  • Persons with diarrheal illness or nausea should not enter the pool
  • Persons with skin, eye, ear, or respiratory infections should not enter the pool
  • Persons with open lesions or wounds should not enter the pool
  • No animals or pets are allowed in the enclosure
  • No glass is allowed in the pool or on the pool deck
  • No children should be in the pool without supervision.
  • It would help if you took a shower before entering the pool.
  • This pool is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • The maximum number of swimmers allowed in the pool is 149
  • A First Aid Kit is located at the pool entrance
  • An emergency phone is located at the pool entrance
  • Lifesaving equipment is located on the fence
  • The pool operator of record at this facility is Sweetwater Pools. Service certification number is 37-281730
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the pool
  • Children under 13 should not be in the pool without adult supervision
  • No air-filled flotation of any kind is permitted in the pool
  • Vacate the pool and pool gates in the event of thunder/lightning. Remain clear of the area for 30 minutes after the last sight/sound of thunder/lightning.
  • For all emergencies, please call 911 or use the emergency phone for assistance.
  • For all non-emergencies, contact the Carnes Crossroads POA office at (843) 970-3417
rossroads POA office at (843) 970-3417


The trails at Carnes Crossroads present numerous options for fitness and recreation. Already, the community’s first trails connect the Green Barn, pool and Village Green to neighborhood streets and some of the community’s first businesses, and a “fitness loop” offers five exercise stations and 14 pieces of equipment that can be used for a wide variety of strength building, balance and cardiovascular exercises. As Carnes Crossroads grows, additional trails will connect to future neighborhoods, parks, businesses and amenities.

ighborhoods, parks, businesses and amenities.

Village Green

The Village Green is the community’s first park. Located between the Green Barn and and Model Row, the Village Green includes a fountain with seating, plus open areas that are perfect for picnics, lawn games and relaxing.

perfect for picnics, lawn games and relaxing.


There are two playgrounds at Carnes Crossroads.

St. Thomas Park

The playground at St. Thomas Park is located next to the pool parking lot. It’s a custom barnyard-themed design, complete with a mini replica of the Green Barn. This playground includes shaded sitting areas for parents.

Philips Park

The playground at Philips Park was installed in 2020 and features stat-of-the-art play equipment intended for a wide range of ages. It’s located in one corner of Philips Park, and accompanied by shaded picnic tables and two charcoal grills. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic or birthday party.

perfect spot for a picnic or birthday party.

Dog Park

Located on the greenway along Parish Farms Drive, the Dog Park at Carnes Crossroads is a convenient location for residents and their pets to mingle with the neighbors. Complete with a splash and play area, drinking fountains and separate agility stations for large and small dogs, the park also includes sitting areas for owners.

park also includes sitting areas for owners.


The master plan for Carnes Crossroads incorporates a series of large lakes that provide scenic views and opportunities for recreation, including paddling and fishing.

r recreation, including paddling and fishing.