Weekly Updates: 2/05/2021

Happy Friday, Friendly Neighbors!

Food Truck Friday
Join us for some delicious eats from today’s featured food trucks. Follow the links to see the menu offerings for, &Lobster, FarmHers Basket Food, and Devine Favor Treats.
Thank you for continuing to support our local vendors at our ongoing Friday Food Truck events!

Common Area Maintenance
You may see The Greenery treating the common areas for weeds. For additional information on weeding and lawn care click here: Managing Weeds in Warm Season Lawns | Home & Garden Information Center (clemson.edu).
If you would like further information on lawn care or the Guidelines for Carnes Crossroads you may reach out to us at the POA office and we will share our knowledge or we will find the information you request.

Carnes Easter Egg Hunt
We are preparing for a neighborhood “Easter Hop Egg Drop” on Sunday, March 28th, beginning at 2:00 pm. This will be a fun-filled event with the Easter Bunny coming to your home and delivering prize-filled eggs! Please RSVP HERE. If you would like to volunteer to help organize this event, please email Amanda Blocker.

More Upcoming Events!
Don’t forget to use the “Events and Activities” section on the CarnesPOA.org website for more details about upcoming events and availability at the Green Barn. And be sure to make plans to attend the City of Goose Creek’s BBQ & Brews event here at Carnes on March 6th!

Helpful Links:
• Annual Association Assessments, click here: Payment Options | CCMC (ccmcnet.com) to pay online
• www.carnespoa.org
• Memorial Bench and Tree Donation information and application are posted on the Resource section of Tree & Bench Donation Policy.
• Carnes Crossroads Design Guidelines,
• Modification Application