Weekly Update 3/26/2021

Hey Hey, It’s Friday!

Berkeley County School Update
As you may have read in the Post & Courier, the Berkeley County School District closed on 36 acres of land at Carnes Crossroads last week and is moving forward with plans to construct a kindergarten through 8th-grade school that will accommodate an estimated 800-1,000 students. The school board aims to break ground on the facility by Fall 2021. Current plans call for the building to be complete for the 2023-2024 school year, with the caveat that weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances can impact all timelines.

No approved plans or site plans have been authorized for publication, as details are still being formalized. Please note that this project’s information from any source other than the Berkeley County School District should not be deemed reliable.

Please note that the Post & Courier article had incorrect information about how the school impact fees will be collected. The builders are handling impact fees with buyers during the closing process for newly constructed homes.

ARB Guidelines
Are you considering modifications to the exterior of your home or property? Before you begin the work, be sure to submit a Modification Application to the ARB  for guidance and approval. Any exterior changes or additions to your home should be reviewed and approved by the ARB prior. Click these links Carnes Crossroads Design Guidelines, Modification Application for further information. If you are unsure if approval is needed please reach out to the POA office.

It’s Food Truck Friday! 
Join us for some delicious eats from today’s featured food trucks. Follow the links to see the menu offerings and preordering options for Kees Kitchen,  Cast Iron, and 2 Islands 1 Truck.
Thank you for continuing to support our local vendors at our ongoing Friday Food Truck events!

One Fish Two Fish, You Are Getting New Fish!
Several lakes around the neighborhood will be stocked with Triploid Grass Carp in the coming week.
Next week, Tune for beneficial information on this type of fish and how it will help keep the lakes clean.

Bunny Hop Egg Drop
This Sunday at 2:00 pm, the Easter Bunny will be visiting the neighborhood and dropping off prize-filled eggs to those who registered. Have your cameras ready if your child would like a photo with Easter Bunny. You can track the Bunny’s street location via the Carnes Resident Facebook page.

Too Soon For Swim Season??
Traveling Circus Brewery will be hosting a Polar Plunge at Carnes Crossroads on April 3rd as a kick-off to swim season. Join in the fun and help support a local charity (details to come). Our sponsor, Traveling Circus Brewery, will be providing commemorative Polar Plunge T-shirts with every $10.00 or more donation. 100% of the proceeds will go to charity! Make plans to jump into the fun on April 3rd at 9:00 am at the pool, and stay tuned for further details!

PLEASE NOTE: POA Office Phone Number Change
A recent switch of telephone providers has resulted in our office having to change the POA phone number. Please note that the new Carnes Crossroads POA Office phone number is (843) 970-3417.

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