Weekly Update 2/11/2022

Neighborhood News,

Food Truck Friday
Thank you for your continued support of our Food Truck Friday events! Tonight’s featured vendors for Food Truck Friday are Stuffed and Cake and Coffee. The trucks will be in the pool parking lot from 5:00–8:00 pm. Most trucks offer the option to order in advance. Please click through the links for further information for each. 2022

Pond Maintenance 
The POA office is working with the developer and builders to ensure the environmental safety of the ponds throughout the community is upheld. Due to the lack of silt fencing and other factors, the recent trash issues have been addressed with the builders at a higher level, and fines have been issued. Our maintenance technician often surveys the ponds for trash collection and will continue to help with those efforts, and we appreciate the resident’s desire to help with this matter. Still, we wanted to ensure you that this is not your responsibility. We are striving to provide that those who cause the problem will be held accountable for this.

Others may have noticed a group of dead fish in one of the ponds. We had Lake Doctors come and assess the situation, and they informed us that an unauthorized person placed tilapia, a species not suited or approved for the ponds, into the waters. Please remember that there is to be no interference with the ecosystem of the ponds other than fishing. The community stocks the ponds once a year with triploid grass carp, a weed-eating fish that helps control underwater weeds. This is to be scheduled for early March. If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please reach out to the POA office.

2022 Annual Assessments
Assessments were due by January 1, 2022, are considered late after January 31, 2022, and will now be subject to late fees. Should you have
questions about your account or our payment options, please be encouraged to contact CCMC’s Customer Service Support team at 1-833-301-4538.

Carnes Crossroads Annual Oyster Roast and Chili Cook-Off 
The 4th annual chili cook-off and oyster roast are scheduled for this Saturday, February 12, at 6 pm. If you plan on bringing chili, please arrive at 5 pm, and judging will start at 5:15 pm. If you signed up to eat oysters, please check in upon arrival for your wristbands.
Volunteers are needed to help clean up after this weekend’s event. You must be available to help between 8-10 pm. Please reach out to Amanda Blocker at amblocker1@gmail.com if you can help with the upcoming event and start earning points!

Event Volunteer Committee
As a part of the focus on more lifestyle events coming this year, we would like to introduce a new Event Volunteer Committee and invite all Carnes Crossroads residents to participate. All events require a lot of work to execute, and we want to take an active approach to work with the residents to create fun-filled, successful events. However, we don’t want your help to go unnoticed.

When you participate with the Event Volunteer Committee, you will have many opportunities throughout the year to earn points by working at events. The top three-point earners will win prizes at the end of the year during a special Volunteer Appreciation event put on by the POA office as a way of expressing gratitude for the help. The first-place prize will be one free Green Barn rental or a gift card to compensate the resident cost. Prizes will be awarded to the second and third place point earners and raffle prize opportunities for everyone who participated. (Prizes are to be determined and will vary each year).

Red Hat Society
A group of ladies in the neighborhood is planning to form a Red Hat Society group for Carnes Crossroads. Red Hat Society is a playgroup that promotes fun and friendship. They will be meeting in the Green Barn on Friday, February 11, at 5:30. You can also join them online by entering the Red Hat Society of Carnes Crossroads Facebook page to get more information and stay up-to-date on their activities. You may also email Tami at TamiNielson@gmail.com for more details.

Save The Dates:

  • February 12 Carnes Crossroads Annual Oyster Roast and Chilli Cook-Off.
  • February 24 Michael Heitzler’s presentation on his book, Phoenix of the Middle Ground. 6:30 at the Green Barn
  • March 5 Blood Connection Donation Mobile will be in the neighborhood. Sign up via the link below.
  • March 5  BBQ & Brews 3:00-7:00 pm
  • March 17 Carnes Garden Club, the first meeting of the year. 6 pm, Green Barn
  • April 2 Saturday Social, 6:00 pm Green Barn
  • April 9 Red Balloon Yard Sale

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