Weekley Update 3/18/2022

Neighborhood News,

Association Team Changes

Lifestyle Director Introduction
We are excited to introduce Haiven Whitley as your first lifestyle director for the Carnes Crossroads community under the new direction of Freehold Communities. She will begin training for her role on Monday, March 21st offsite and will start officially creating unique experiences after her first two weeks of CCMC onboarding on April 4th.

What does lifestyle mean for Carnes Crossroads?
In her new role, Haiven will focus on increasing opportunities for resident engagement through events, programs, and community communications, cultivating volunteers, and establishing strategic partnerships to benefit the residents. Living in a Freehold Community is based on a foundation of five vital pillars, engagement, connectivity, healthy living, stewardship, and a design-forward philosophy. Her love of Lowcountry living and background in service, education, planning, and marketing events make her an excellent fit for this position.

Be sure to say hello to Haiven as she’s out and about at upcoming community events and meetings. We look forward to hosting a “meet the team” event once we have identified your next community manager.

Community Manager Update
Chris Page has accepted a position at a new CCMC community in North Carolina. We appreciate the work he has done here in Carnes Crossroads, and we are excited about his growth and development. Beginning Monday, March 21st, CCMC vice president of community operations, Steve Waring, will serve as the interim community manager for the Carnes Crossroads community.
The search for a new community manager starts immediately. Residents will not experience any service disruption and will see various team members onsite to help support operations.
Jennifer Shirkman, our administrative coordinator, will continue to provide outstanding onsite customer service and is here to help you with any questions or connect you with the right team member. We appreciate your patience during this transition period. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Steve at swaring@ccmcnet.com or call the main office at (843) 970-3417.

Food Truck Friday
Thank you for your continued support of our Food Truck Friday events! Tonight’s featured vendors for Food Truck Friday are Zimo’s Falafel & Gyro and Wich Cream. The trucks will be in the pool parking lot from 5:00–8:00 pm. Most trucks offer the option to order in advance. Please click through the links for further information for each.

Saturday Social’s 
April is the start of the monthly Neighborhood Saturday Social Events. One Saturday per month through November, join your neighbors at the Green Barn for a fun-filled time to meet new neighbors or catch up with the ones you haven’t seen in a while. Bring a dish to share and beverage of choice and get to know your neighbors. To find out the dates and times of future Saturday Socials, click here, Events and Activities. Stay tuned for more information and the theme of the first Saturday Social, April 2nd, 6 pm- 10 pm.

Community Reminders:
The pool will be opening for the season on March 23rd! Pool monitors will only be onsite during the weekends from 1:00 pm- 8:00 pm. Please be sure to sign in and out each visit. We hope that you enjoy this pool season!

Garbage Protocol 
Please store your garbage receptacles out of sight as a courtesy to your neighbors. You can accomplish this by storing within a fenced area, landscape screening, or within your garage. The trash pick-up day is Thursday. Please place your receptacles by the curb Wednesday evening and have them pulled in by Thursday evening. Your neighbors, thank you.

Golf Cart Rules and Regulations
As golf cart popularity increases in our community, please ensure your family stays safe by following these simple South Carolina Laws.
To drive a golf cart in South Carolina, you must:
•    Be at least 16 years old
•    Have a valid driver’s license
•    Have the cart registered with the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles
•    Have proof of liability insurance
•    Display a state permit decal
•    Only drive during daylight hours
•    Only drive within 4 miles of the address on the registration certificate
•    Only drive on roadways with a speed limit of 35 mph or less
•    Not drive on a bike path, sidewalk or trails.
Violating any golf cart law could result in a misdemeanor punishable with a maximum fine of $100 or 30 days in jail.

Save The Dates:

  • March 23rd Pool opens for the season.
  • April 2nd Saturday Social 6 pm at the Green Barn.
  • April 9th Carnes Resident Easter Event 9 am-11:00 am around the Green Barn.
  • April 23rd Red Balloon Yard Sale, Kee’s Kitchen will be serving breakfast.
  • June 3rd Observing the Stars with Lowcountry Stargazers, 8:15 pm at the Green Barn.

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